Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 Things to Do while Internet Downtime

1) Play Games and Listen to Music:

People Normally tend to Play games while Thier Internet is down, but if you play games online, then Thats  an issue for you. Listening to your Favourite Music is not a bad idea as well. Gaming and music are the best option according to me to cut the internet downtime. 

2) Repair Your Computer :

Most of us Dont bother to Repair our Computer While we are on internet, The best time to Clean your PC is when your Internet is down. Do bother to Defrag your Hard disk, Check your Hard disk for Errors , Repair if found any, Manage your Files systematically, Uninstall unwanted Softwares, Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders, Use Registry Softwares to Analyze and Repair your System Registry. This will tuneup your PC. Now Check your Internet if its up.

3) Clean Computer Peripherals:

Remember When your Mom Use to say ” If you use Computer, even learn to Clean it Regularly” And you just ignore it, Yes my Friend this is the Right time to Clean Your Keyboard, Mouse, CPU Case and other Peripherals you see Dirty. One of the Best Things to do while Internet Downtime.

4) Spend time with your Family Members:

If you have already done above 3 things and still your internet is down then Spend Some Quality time With your Family Members, Most of the time We are on Internet and We Don’t Spend Value time with Parents and Siblings, This Doesn’t Mean you Ignore them when internet is up, after all They pay for your Internet J/K .

5) Go for a Walk :

This is the Best Thing to Do if your Internet is down, Internet Users Don’t tend to Take a Walk out, Just Disconnect from your Online Life and Enjoy the Fresh Air Outside.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Clip Better

Clip Better

Use Clip Better to email link previews from anywhere on the web!

What is Clip Better?

Hate sending raw URLs to your friends? We do too! Want a way to quickly get back to stuff that matters to you? Wish there was a way to share web pages via email as effortlessly and powerfully as you can on social media? Stop emailing ugly URLs and start doing something better. Welcome to Clip Better.

Clip Better will create a rich snippet that includes an image, title, summary, link, and more so that you can quickly share web content with friends and know that they can review a rich preview of the content that you are sharing before they click on the link.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Windows Key : Open the Start Screen
Win + Z : Open Application bar
Win + W : Search in Settings of the system
Win + X : Open Windows Mobility Center
Win + V : Switch among notifications
Win + Shift + V : Switch among notifications (in reverse manner)
Win + U : Open Ease of Access Center
Win + T : Set focus to Taskbar and toggle through Programs
Win + S : Open OneNote Screenshot Creator (If Microsoft Office-OneNote is installed)
Win + R : Open Run dialog box
Win + Q : Open Windows Apps Search
Win + P : Display Projection Options
Win + O : Disable screen rotation / orientation
Win + N : Create new OneNote (If Microsoft Office-OneNote is installed)
Win + M : Minimize all windows
Win + Shift + M : Restore minimized windows
Win + L : Lock your computer
Win + K : Open Device Connections
Win + J : Toggle foreground between the filled and snapped applications
Win + I : Open Settings Panel (To change Settings for the Wireless Networks, Volume, Apps, Brightness or to Shut Down)
Win + H : Open Share Panel
Win + G : Toggle through Windows Desktop Gadgets
Win + F : Search for the Files in Computer
Win + Ctrl + F : Search for Computers in a network
Win + E : Show Windows Explorer with File’s Tree View
Win + D : Toggle “Show Desktop”
Win + C : Open Charms bar
Win + B : Set focus to Notification Area
Win + Enter : Open Windows Narrator
Win + Alt + Enter : Open Media Center (If Media Center is Installed on PC)
Win + Spacebar : Change the Keyboard Layout / Input Language
Win + PageUp : Move Start Screen to the left side of screen
Win + PageDown : Move Start Screen to the right side of screen
Win + Plus : Magnifier Zoom-In
Win + Minus : Magnifier Zoom-Out
Win + Esc : Close Magnifier
Win + Left Arrow : Dock the current window to left half of the screen
Win + Right Arrow : Dock the current window to right half of the screen
Win + Up Arrow : Maximize the currently active window
Win + Down Arrow : Minimize / Restore the currently active window
Win + Shift + Up Arrow : Maximize the currently active window vertically, while maintaining its width
Win + Shift + Down Arrow : Minimize / Restore the currently active window vertically, while maintaining its width
Win + Shift + Left Arrow : Move the currently active window to the left side of monitor
Win + Shift + Right Arrow : Move the currently active window to the right side of monitor
Win + Home : Toggle (Minimize/Maximize) all non-active windows
Windows + number : Launch the program from taskbar sequence (e.g. To open 1st program window, use Windows + 1)
Windows + Shift + number : Launch a new instance of the currently active program from taskbar sequence (e.g. To open an instance of 1st program window, use Windows + Shift + 1)
Win + Break : Display System Properties dialog box
Win + F1 : Open Windows Help and Support
Win + Forward Slash (/) : Initiate IME (Input Method Editor) reconversion
Win + Tab : Toggle through all Applications
Win + Ctrl + Tab : Toggle through Applications and snap them as they cycle
Win + Shift + Tab : Toggle through Applications in reverse order
Win + Dot (.) : Move the gutter to the right
Win + Shift + Dot (.) : Move the gutter to the left
Win + Comma (,) : Look Temporarily at the desktop

Shortcuts starting with Alt Key :

Alt + W : Create a new document or select a template
Alt + V : Paste
Alt + T : Cut
Alt + S + N : Deselect
Alt + S + I : Invert the selection
Alt + S + A : Select all
Alt + R : Rename selected files
Alt + P + S : Insert label
Alt + P + R : Open properties
Alt + P + E : Display “Open With…” dialog box
Alt + N : Create a new folder
Alt + M : Move the files
Alt + H : Show the history of file versions
Alt + E : Edit selected files
Alt + D : Delete selected files or folder
Alt + C + P : Copy path to the file or folder
Alt + C + O : Copy selected items
Alt + A : Open the “special features”
Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget commenting your Window 8 Shortcut keys Experience with us .

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