Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stop Drowning in Email!

SaneBox prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest
Smart filtering
SaneBox determines the importance of each email based on your past interaction with your Inbox. It moves unimportant messages out of the Inbox into a new folder called SaneLater, and summarizes them in a digest. Now you can focus on what's important without missing anything!
Move attachments into the cloud
Attachments are hard to find and take up lots of storage space in your email. SaneAttachments scans emails in your Inbox for attachments, puts them on Dropbox, Box or IBM SmartCloud, and replaces them with a link.
Unsubscribe with 1 click
The easiest way to unsubscribe. Drag an email into the SaneBlackHole folder and you'll never hear from that sender again.
Automatic follow-up reminders
Never forget to follow up. We will notify you when an email you sent was not replied to.
Snooze emails

Some emails should wait. Put them off until tomorrow, or next week, or whenever you're ready – with one click.

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